For many small to mid-size companies, a personal problem or lawsuit can have a

    catastrophic effect upon the viability of the business. My Legal and Disaster Planning Audit will examine a wide range of issues. The topics that must be addressed are:

    1. Disaster Preparation and Planning:

    If all of your computers are stolen, do you have their serial numbers and the ability to recreate the data?

    If you have a heart attack tonight, is there a plan for the business to work without you?

    If you were unable to come into the office, could anyone find anything on your desk?

    If one of your staff disappears with proprietary information, would you know what was taken?

    Do you have a written disaster and recovery plan in the event of a fire or natural disaster?

    2. Employment Issues:

    Do your interviewers know what they can and cannot ask?

    Do you have a uniformly and consistently enforced employee handbook? Have you read it?

    Have your supervisors had input into its’ contents?

    Does it contain a sexual harassment policy?

    Do key employees sign a non-compete and confidentiality agreement?

    3. Operating Agreement:

    Do you have an agreement with your business partners that you have recently read?

    Does it address stock membership or business unit matters?

    How will your business be affected in the event of the death, divorce, retirement of a partner?

    4. Contracts:

    Are your customer agreements in writing?

    Are there form contracts in use which have had a legal review?

    Do you have an agreement with your sales people or are they independent contractors?

    The items listed above are not all inclusive of course. Not everything can be written and documented, nor in many instances do you want to.

    However, if you are faced with a legal dilemma, a well thought out document can save you pain, misery and attorney fees.

    I will look at all of your business documents to assist you in maintaining business health and legal compliance. For a fee of $300.00 (my hourly rate), I will review all of your documents and make my appraisal, based upon my 35 years of experience.

    Give me a call and we can get started today!

    Article by Loren K. Allison, attorney at law
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