Whistleblower Protection/False Claims Act

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  1. The false claims act serves as a government enforcement device for attacking fraud in government - funded programs.
  2. Whistleblowers can initiate suits on behalf of the government against organizations they believe have defrauded federal programs.

Business Law

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  1. You should be "incorporated" to protect yourself from personal liability.
  2. You can use an online form, but do you understand the legal implications?
  3. If you have "partners", you need to outline who does what and gets what in an Operating Agreement
  4. Do you know how to compose an Operating Agreement and what to put into it? Do you know what other documents, policies, procedures and handbooks you need?


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  1. Administrative charges, arbitration, and wrongful discharge lawsuits are the frequent result of the well intended decisions of supervisors and managers involved in your company's disciplinary process
  2. Given the Civil Rights Act, the ADA, the Age Act, etc., employers need to prove that they have nondiscriminatory guidelines in hiring qualified employees.
  3. Handbooks are the ideal mechanism to prove that you have consistently enforced non-discriminatory policies to operate your business.
  4. Employees do not need volumes but need to be able to prove they have legitimate business-related reasons for their rules and regulations.
  5. I engage in "cost effective" (below the prices of big law firms) litigation in state and federal courts when necessary.