My friend, Jerry Hill of Biz Tech has some common sense recommendations for you regarding our collective worst nightmare-computer disasters:

    Imagine your answer to this question: “could your business continue to operate if all of your electronic documents and data were permanently lost?”  For many businesses, the answer is “definitely not”, but surprisingly, many businesses are not adequately prepared for a disaster.
    When asked to consider a disaster, you may think: “fire” or “tornado”. While these threats are obvious, the likelihood of your business being affected by a fire or tornado is relatively low compared to other threats to your technology and data. Because of this misperception, disaster planning and security risk assessments are often not given a high priority.

    However, most businesses will experience one of these significantly more probable disasters:

    • Computer viruses (malware) which can effectively be as destructive to your business as a fire or tornado.
    • Accidental deletion, corruption, or malicious destruction of data by employees.

    Malicious virus and malware activity rises exponentially each year and is becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Additionally, businesses are actually more vulnerable as the average employee becomes more “computer savvy”. Further, the news is flooded with reports of security breaches to which even small companies are at risk.

    You should consider the following:

    • How long can I afford to be without access my files and data?
    • Is my data backed up and stored off-site? Can I trust this backup and have I tested it?
    • Are my data backups automated and monitored daily?
    • Am I confident that my business is adequately protected against viruses and other malware?
    • Do I have sufficient security at the firewall, server, and computers and do I test it regularly?
    • Do I have written policies in my employee handbook about how employees can and can’t use technology?
    • Are new employees trained on security best practices as well as technology related policies in my employee handbook? Are employees periodically retrained?
    • Do I have model and serial numbers of my technology to report to insurance and the authorities if needed?
    • Am I required to be PCI or HIPPA compliant and, if so, am I? (note: companies with signed Business Associate Agreements with HIPAA covered companies must also be HIPAA compliant).

    These are among the many reasons why Technology Disaster Planning and Security Risk Assessments are absolutely essential and why you must find a technology consulting partner you can trust to help you with your planning.

    Please consider Strategic Business Technologies LLC as your trusted advisor and partner. The team at BizTech are experts in Security Risk Management and Disaster Planning for both small and large businesses. For a free consultation, visit, call 260-490-9700, or email


    BIO: Jerry Hill is the General Manager of Strategic Business Technologies LLC (DBA: BizTech) in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Cisco Certified Network Associate, and has a B.S. in Business Management from Indiana University. BizTech’s highly-certified team partners with northeast Indiana area businesses to implement and maintain secure and reliable information technology systems.