Needless to say, when you contemplate starting up and running a business, you need to undertake business considerations. More to the point, what sort of coverage considerations do you need to make to prepare for a catastrophe to you business?

    My friend and colleague Arlen Stutzman at provides some needed food for thought in protecting your business assets:

    When is the last time you have reviewed your business insurance policies? Unfortunately, for many business owners it has been awhile. This is something that should be done annually with your insurance agent to verify your insurance coverages update as your business changes and grows. Here are some questions to think about?

    Do you have the appropriate insurance to cover your business?

    1. Property Insurance: To cover your building and/or business personal property (i.e. computers, desks, inventory, etc)?a. have you purchased new furnishings or equipment? May need to increase your business personal property coverage.b. Have you added additional space to your office or made improvements? May need to increase coverage for the building as well.

    2. Liability Insurance: To provide liability protection tot he company and its employees as a result of injury to a person or property.

    3. Professional Liability Insurance: Covers claims for malpractice or errors and omissions in rendering services. Are you subject to a risk for being sued for providing advice or services? This is not covered under your general liability policy.

    4. Workers Compensation Insurance: Covers injuries to employees for work-related matters. If you have employees, regardless of full-time or part-time, Indiana state law requires Worker Compensation.

    5. Health Insurance: Medical insurance plan for your employees and dependents. The Affordable Care Act has implications for businesses if guidelines are not followed, are you aware of the changes?

    6. Life Insurance: Insurance payable upon death of an owner to fund a business continuation plan or on a key employee. Do you have a business continuation plan? Life insurance can help fund that plan in the event of owner/partner death. Do you have a key employee that if died would cause your business to lose money? A life insurance policy can assist with the loss and recruiting efforts to replace such an important person in your business.

    These among other reason, are why the Arlene Stutzman Agency – American Family Insurance offers annual business insurance reviews with all business owners to ensure that your business is adequately protected. Please consider Arlene Stutzman Agency as your local trusted insurance advisor. Contact us for a fee no-obligation review of your business insurance needs and quote (260_ 637-9500/ or