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Loren possesses over 30 years of progressively responsible experience as a corporate and "big law firm" attorney who took his skills and formed a solo practice. Responsive and cost effective, Loren practices in whistleblower, business, employment and labor law.

Born and raised in small town Waynedale, his clients respect his practical and common sense approach. The single father of 4 sons, he shares his fulfilling life with his boys and faithful family companion, the family dog.

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Business & Employment Services

Loren K Allison serves the business, employment and labor needs of Northeast Indiana with an emphasis on proficiency and cost effectiveness. Loren uses his small-town upbringing and values to bring empathy and understanding to the practice of law.

Loren does not believe in limiting his practice to "big business". In fact, Loren prides himself and his practice on helping the small businesses that would otherwise struggle to find legal aid. He believes whole-heartedly that every man and woman deserve dedicated representation and strives to reach out to those who may not know how to navigate the sometimes complex waters of the law.

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