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Disrimination Matters

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Americans With Disabilities Act
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Title VII(race, sex, etc.)
Age Discrimination

You have 180 days to file a charge of age discrimination and 300 days for almost all other civil rights matters. This includes Fort Wayne Metropolitan Human Relations Commission ("Metro"), Indiana Civil Rights Commission ("ICRC"), and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC").

You need witnesses and preferably witness statements to support your position.

How was your disciplinary action/termination different from similarly situated employees? Was it race, age, sex, etc.? How can you prove it?

An "attractive" plaintiff is an older or long service employee. People who defend their or anothers' legal rights and have adverse action taken against them soon thereafter, can allege "retaliation".

Whistle Blower Protection/
False Claims Act

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The False Claims Act serves as a government enforcement device for attacking fraud in government - funded programs.

Whistleblowers can initiate suits on behalf of the government against organizations they believe have defrauded public programs.

Business Law

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Start-up discussion - Gratis

Starting a business, obtaining licenses, Articles of Incorporation, etc - Fee per hour, dependent on size

Preventive day-to-day advice to promote profitability - Fee per hour, dependent on size

Business litigation - Flat fee You should be "incorporated" to protect yourself from personal liability.
You can use an online form, but do you understand the legal implications?

If you have "partners", you need an outline of who does what and gets what in an Operating Agreement.

Do you know how to compose an Operating Agreement and what to put into it? Do you know what other documents, policies, procedures and handbooks you need?

Labor Matters

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Wage and Hour compliance
Indiana Wage Payment Act adherence

Employees who are not administrating and supervising employees are entitled to time and one-half their hourly rate upon working 40 hours in a workweek.

Just because you or your employer pays you a salary does not mean that you are not entitled to overtime pay.

Employers - Its not how you pay someone (a salary) or the title you give them, if they do not supervise/direct two (2) or more people then they are generally deserving of overtime. Important exceptions to overtime pay are independent contractors and outside salespeople, but employers are typically unaware of this.

Employers - Do you follow the IRS test for independent contractors? Do you know how much outright selling an outside salesperson must perform? Did you know that employees who are not paid their correct amount of wages could get double the amount due to them and their attorney's fees paid under Indiana Law?

Employers - Supervisory training is key!


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Hiring guidelines
Employee handbooks
Policies and procedures

Administrative charges, arbitration, and wrongful discharge lawsuits are the frequent result of the well intended decisions of supervisors and managers involved in your company's disciplinary process

Given the Civil Rights Act, the ADA, the Age Act, etc., employers need to prove that they have nondiscriminatory guidelines in hiring qualified employees.

Handbooks are the ideal mechanism to prove that you have consistently enforced non-discriminatory policies to operate your business.

Employers do not need volumes but need to be able to prove they have legitimate business-related reasons for their rules and regulations.

I engage in "cost effective" (below the prices of big law firms) litigation in state and federal courts when necessary.

Merit Board Representation

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Public sector employees have a "property right" in their job and warrant "due process" in matters. Loren represents public sector firefighters, police officers, and others in Merit Board matters.

Loren K. Allison

Loren possesses over 30 years of progressively responsible experience as a corporate and “big law firm” attorney who took his skills and formed a solo practice. Responsive and cost effective, Loren practices in whistleblower, business, employment and labor law.

Loren K. Allison

Born and raised in small-town Waynedale, his clients respect his practical and common sense approach. The single father of 4 sons, he shares his fulfilling life with his boys and faithful family companion, “Mona”.

Business wise, Loren guides small to medium-sized companies through the matrix of laws, ordinances, and regulations to keep them profitable. In the realm of employment law, Loren is a frequent speaker and author on topics as diverse as unemployment compensation hearings, employee handbooks, discrimination law and traditional issues such as wage compliance.

Loren also represents “whistleblowers”, current or discharged employees who know of fraud committed against the government as well as public sector employees with Merit Board issues.

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